Groene energie

Nuage Vert is een artiestencollectief uit Finland dat focust op het milieu. In de woorden van Ars Technica:

Nuage Vert transforms clouds into projection surfaces. As such, these indefinable, constantly and chaotically changing products of the condensation of water vapor become media bearing political ideas and messages. Or aestheticized symbols of environmental pollution caused by carbon emissions. Pollstream – Nuage Vert was developed in collaboration with experts in laser technology, computer science, electrical engineering, energy generation and air quality monitoring. Development commenced in 2002 and concluded in February 2008 with a performance in Helsinki that impressively demonstrated how art is capable of encompassing an entire city—its public sphere, its industry and its inhabitants—and unfolding sociopolitical relevance. Pollstream – Nuage Vert is the recipient of the 2008 Golden Nica in the Hybrid Art category.

Want to see the little suckers at work? Check de video:

First 30 seconds of Green Cloud goes online van HeHe op Vimeo.